1. Is the BDes degree recognised by the government?


2. Can I appear for UPSC and other such competitive exams after BDes?

Yes, you will be eligible to appear for such exams.

3. What kind of careers can I look forward to after BDes?

Design jobs are becoming ubiquitous in nearly every area of business and governance. Organisations involved with technology, management, manufacturing, retail, IT services, government, planning & policy, entertainment, communication, user centered research and lifestyle have seen the biggest growth in terms of employing designers. For a more elaborate list, please search the Internet, there are a lot of resources on design careers.

4. What is the BDes course fees?

The detailed fee structure for the B. Des courses at IITB, IITG, IITH and IIITDMJ click here.

5. Are there scholarships at IITB?

Please refer to this page for more information on Institute, Private and Govt. scholarships available to UG students.

6. What about hostel facilities at IITB?

There is detailed information on IIT Bombay hostels here.

7. What is design education like at IITB?

Visit the IDC School of Design website. There you will find faculty and student projects, the research work happening in IDC, facilities, events, and much more. They will give you a good idea of what generally happens in a design school and how the education is carried out.

8. I am from the non-science stream in my XII. Will I be able to cope with the course?

If you are good enough to qualify in UCEED and make it to the BDes selection list, coping with BDes will not be a problem for you.