• Candidates must carry a printed copy of the downloaded admit card. Only candidates having a valid admit card will be allowed to write the examination.

• Candidate must check and be present at the correct centre on the day of the exam as per the address and schedule given in the admit card.

• The candidate’s identity will be verified by invigilators as well as IIT representatives. If the identity of the candidate is in doubt, the candidate may not be allowed to appear for the examination. However, the authorities at their discretion may permit the candidate to appear for the examination after completing certain formalities. No compensatory time will be allowed for completing the examination in lieu of the time taken for completing these formalities.

• Impersonation in the examination is a serious offence and will lead to disqualification of the candidate from UCEED, and lead to criminal proceeding against the candidate.

• Candidates will NOT be allowed to carry any electronic device (mobile phones, smart phones, digital/smart watches, calculators, tablets etc.), abacus, slide rule, log books, study material of any type, geometry box, etc. to the examination hall. A list of forbidden items will be put up on the website before the exam if there are additional items.

• Candidates have to remain in the examination hall for the entire duration of the examination.

• Further instructions, if any, shall be put up on the website before the exam.

NOTE: Please refer to Information Brochure for more details.