1. How do I understand the rank(s) on my Score Card?

Depending on the category, a UCEED qualified candidate can have between 1 and 4 types of ranks mentioned on his/her Score Card. A candidate from the Open Category (non-reserved category) will see his/her Open Rank.

A candidates who belongs to one of the reserved categories, and who has also qualified in the Open Category (i.e., by securing a minimum total of 100 and a minimum 10% in each section) will get an Open Rank and a Category Rank in his/her respective category.

PwD candidates who qualify in the Open Category will get an Open-PwD Rank in addition to the Open Rank. A PwD candidate who belongs to one of the reserved categories, and who has also qualified in Open Category will get an Open Rank, Open-PwD Rank, Reserved Category Rank, and Reserved-PwD Rank.

Candidates belonging to the reserved categories who have been declared as qualified on the basis of the relaxed criterion will not get the Open Rank, but only the Category Rank. Additionally, if they are PwD candidates, they will get a Reserved-PwD Rank.

2. How will the seats be allotted?

Seats will be allotted in order of rank in each category. For a detailed matix of seats in each category, refer to Available Seats.

3. What is the Overall Standing?

Overall Standing refers to your standing among all qualified students. In other words it is your rank among ALL the students who have qualified in UCEED 2019. It gives you an idea of where you stand, and is not used in admissions. Only Category Ranks are used for seat allotment.

4. I belong to a reserved category. Am I eligible for the Open Seats?

Yes, provided you have an Open Rank. Open Category seats are Open to everyone, that is, both non-reserved and reserved categories of candidates.

5. I have got Open Rank 'xyz' or OBC-NCL Rank 'abc'. Will I get IIT Bombay?

We will strictly NOT entertain such questions, so please don't send them. We will neither advice you on your chances nor speculate on what might or might not happen with this year's admissions before it happens.

6. Will I lose my seat if I do not freeze my seat after I did not get an upgraded allotment in the next round? Can I keep my seat floating till the 3rd round?

You will not lose your seat and you can keep your seat floating till the deadline for the 3rd round. At the end of the 3rd round all allotments are automaticatically 'frozen'. Subsequent rounds, if any, will have allotments without the 'float' option. Candidates can either accept the seat or decline only.

7. I have been allotted x institute in round 1. I accepted the seat with the float option. If I get an upgraded allotment to an institute of my higher preference, will I have the option to choose between the new seat, and the seat I accepted in round 1?

No. If you are allotted a seat of your higher preference, the seat accepted by you in the earlier round is cancelled. In other words, the new seat is allotted to you, only because you are giving up your earlier seat. That is the very definition of 'floating' a seat.

8. What happens after the 3rd round?

All seats are frozen. All allottees at this point are assumed to have accepted the offered seats. Those candidates who know they are not going to take up the seat, are strongly encouraged to withdraw through the 'withdraw seat' option available in the online admission portal before the last date for withdrawal, so that the next deserving applicant may get the seat. And because of the serious nature of this action, the withdrawal option requires re-confirmation and authentication via OTP sent to your registered mobile.

9. What is the last date for withdrawal of my seat?

The deadline for withdrwal of seat is the same as the deadline for 3rd round seat acceptance. 27 JULY 2019, 23:55 hours.

10. What is the refund policy for withdrawal of seat?

As explained in the Seat Allotment page, candidates allotted seats in the 1st round can withdraw before the deadline for the 1st round and get full refund of the Seat Acceptance Fee, or can get 50% refund if they withdraw before the deadline for the 2nd round. Candidates allotted seats for the first time in the 2nd round can withdraw before the deadline for the 2nd round and get full refund, or can get 50% refund if they withdraw before the deadline for the 3rd round. Candidates allotted seats for the first time in the 3rd round can withdraw before the deadline for the 3rd round and get full refund. No refund is given for anyone after that.

11. How are seats allotted in supplementary round?

If any vacancies still exist after the 3rd round, those seats will continue to be allotted according to the category ranks without violating merit and applicants' choices. All candidates, including candidates who had 'floated' their seats, but 'froze' before reaching their higher choices, will be considered. However, allotment to an institute will close one day before the day for reporting & registration for that institute.

12. What if I decide to withdraw my seat after the last date for withdrawal?

The online withdrawal option will not be available. However we strongly encourage you to email and let us know. And if there is still time left to allot that seat to the next deserving student, we may be able to do it.